War Rock

Multiplayer shooter game featuring worldwide gamer base and multiple maps


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  • Category Action
  • License Free
  • Version 20110307
  • Size 10.03 MB
  • Works under Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP
  • Language English
  • Program by GamersFirst

Are you Ready to Rock?

Gamers who are into tactical military first person shooters now have another game to choose from in the form of War Rock. The game offers both solo and team game play and promises exciting missions along with a large range of weapons to choose from. Check out the review to find out if War Rock manages to make the grade.

If you have ever played a military style first person shooter game before you will probably be very familiar with the format of War Rock. Players basically have to pit their wits against the enemy and try to take them out before they are spotted and disposed of. Naturally, players are given a number of different weapons to use to get the job done and these weapons can be rather exciting, at least at first.

Sadly, the graphics leave a lot to be desired and actually feel rather dated. One of the areas where War Rock manages to excel is the game maps. Unlike the graphics, these maps are very detailed and make it fairly easy for players to find their way around the large game world.

There are three game modes for players to choose from; Urban Oops, Close Quarters Combat and Battlegroup. Close Quarters Combat is perhaps the most interesting mode for teams of gamers and the main objective is to either arm or disarm explosives at set points on the map. Creeping through the undergrowth to reach the points without being spotted by the enemy can be fun in its own way, while most gamers will get a rush when the explosives actually go off. It’s just unfortunately that the poor graphics mean that the explosions are not better represented.

These days, gamers demand a lot from military shooter games and many of the most recent offerings deliver plenty of excitement and other impressive features. Unfortunately, with its poor graphics and rather dull shooting War Rock falls rather short of the excitement of many of the other games on the market and players may end up feeling less than enthusiastic about the game.


  • Different modes to choose from
  • The game maps are good
  • The game play is occasionally intense and engaging
  • Lots of cool vehicles


  • The game feels a bit dated
  • The graphics are uninspired
  • The shooting action is not very exciting
  • The game tends to crash a lot
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